A Short Stay in Paris

February 1999

Following Chateau d'Oex 1999


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Monday, 1 February 1999

From Felton & Fowler’s, BEST, WORST AND MOST UNUSUAL:

There was no alarm clock. We relied on Lisa, Annie and Cindy to make enough noise during their scheduled pre-dawn departure to Geneva to wake us. It was a poor decision. Cindy's Bed Cindy was reluctant to leave the comfort of her bed until the last minute. And Annie and Lisa just tip toed out of the place at who-knows-what hour. As a result, Becky and I bolted out of bed only moments before our Previa honked its let’s-get-going horn.

As Annie planned to go to Paris and India with Becky and me (while Lisa and Cindy headed back home), we three agreed to meet in Geneva later that morning at the Air France departure lounge. We did. Annie at the Airport From Annie’s hastily assembled traveling garb it was readily apparent that she too had pulled herself out of bed with but minutes to spare. And, she was definitely well into her morning pre-flight Budweiser buzz when our flight was called. That girl sure likes to travel at ease.

The flight from Geneva to Paris took 40 minutes. The walk from our arrival gate in Paris to the luggage carousel also took 40 minutes.

Again, my Paris hotel is Le Parc. It is a relatively small property as far as four star Paris hotels go; so the service is very personal. For me, I also like its convenient location. While I am here with Annie, Becky is at the Chateau in Vault-de-Lugny.

Tuesday, 2 February 1999

Sleep in ... eat Chinese ... not much else ... oh, yes, a movie, too. That’s it.

Wednesday, 3 February 1999

We did pretty much the same thing as yesterday ... but, we ate popcorn in a different movie theater. Actually, we saw Psycho. Though the reviews were not brilliant, I enjoyed the movie. As this 1998 remake is so faithful to the original, seeing it brought back memories of my year or so of life in "The Castle" in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Not only did I see the original in that town; but, where I lived could have been "casted" as the location for the house on Bates Hill.

Annie and I were just killing time until Tilman gets here. She is due in tomorrow morning. If you remember, she is contractually obligated to take over the quill for the India leg of our journey.

WHO SENT THE FLOWERS? Less than 30 minutes ago ... a little before 10PM ... a gigantic arrangement of flowers was sent to our suite ... for Annie! But, there was no card taking credit for the gift. Who can clear up this mystery? Annie really wants to send her thanks to the person responsible before we leave for India on Saturday.

Thursday, 4 February 1999

Hmmm. Mr. Newne’s stuff sort of takes a pale position beside that final landing in the water, doesn’t it; I mean, coming so uncomfortably close to our own flight to the east. By comparison, there is not much voltage in the 1950 death of Lord Norman, banker. And, who cares about the first United Nations Disarmament Commission meeting in 1952?

But, what about the IHT for this date in 1899:

Tilman arrived this morning! She left Seattle yesterday morning and only had to suffer one change of plane, in Detroit, before landing in Paris a little more than a dozen hours later. Starting on the 6th she will take on the burden of the journal while we are in India.

While she and Annie were frolicking around Paris I was nursing myself out of a head cold. Treated, it should go away in a week; ignored, it will disappear in seven days.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? And, who is Annie’s secret suitor? Tonight the hotel delivered a Fauchon selection of French cheeses to our room. Obviously, the gift was directed toward Annie alone as it was accompanied by but one set of sterling silver utensils, from the house of Cartier. Again, there was no acknowledgment card from the donor. A call to the front desk only revealed that the package had been delivered by a courier. We are very curious. Will this gift giving continue throughout our Indian journey?

Friday, 5 February 1999

Another something from Felton & Fowler’s, BEST, WORST AND MOST UNUSUAL:

WHEN WILL IT ALL END? Yet another package has been delivered to our hotel door. Again it was a gift just for my daughter, Annie. However, as this one is far too dangerous to carry aboard an airplane, it must be disassembled and left behind for the staff. Thanks, anyway.

Dear reader, tomorrow we are out of here! An early morning flight to London followed by a BA connection to Madras will put us on the Indian sub-continent very early Sunday morning. At that point Tilman will jump into the journal.

Tonight we are going to have our last meal in Paris….probably something Italian as there is a place right around the corner that dishes up good pasta. Though, personally, I’d prefer some sushi.

Until India ...

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