Destination: Kenya

March 1999



An Air France 747 from Paris will land at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport just ten minutes before a KLM flight from Amsterdam makes a similar touchdown.

ZebraAnnie, Patty and two of their children (Cameron and Ellie) will be on the Boeing 767. I should beat them to the luggage carrousel by a few minutes. The date will be March 12th. About 18 hours earlier we are all scheduled to leave either from Seattle or Miami…obviously not together.

Yes, this IS a spur of the moment trip. One minute I was pondering with what to do with the balance of March; the next moment I was estimating how many movies I'd be able to squeeze into 18 hours worth of out bound flights.

Though our bags will be checked to Nairobi we'll spend less than 24 hours at the Norfolk Hotel. This is a pity in a way because this is a really famous old colonial landmark hotel; a place where Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway used to drink lots of booze before they fell asleep. Too bad! Too bad about the shortness of the stay AND the absence of booze, that is.

On Saturday morning Air Kenya will point us toward the Amboseli National Park. We'll "tent it" there for a couple of nights ... with Mount Killmanjaro as a breath taking back-drop. The days will be spent poking about with wildebeests, giraffes, lions, elephants and zebras while the evenings will be filled with their sounds.

Monday will air ferry us to the Samburu Game Reserve way up in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. This is the best home for hippos and crocodiles. We'll probably stick fairly close to the Uaso Nyiro River for the most intimate viewing of these lovely beasties.

On Thursday we'll drive to the Mount Kenya Safari Club for a one-night-stand. This is for just a little bit of R&R and dress-up time. Or, a mental battery recharge, so to speak, for the Masai Mara escapade.

ElephantFriday morning involves another flight. This time to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, which is but a natural extension of the Serengeti plains. After excursions through forests, riverbeds and the grasslands around Little Governor's Camp we have a choice between early morning ballooning over the Mara plains or a flight to Lake Victoria for some fishing and bird watching.

Monday we are due back at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi….but, again only for a few hours; as just before midnight I have to catch a flight to London while the rest of my family flies to Amsterdam.

That, briefly, is what lies ahead.

The balance of this journal will be up to Cameron and Ellie, and their respective mothers. I have no idea who will shoulder the major duties of the pen; though I'm pretty confident that the photographs that reach this web site will have been first viewed through Annie's eyes.

Enough from me! On to them!

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