Myyrmäki Church

The narrow, wooded site of the church is next to and overshadowed by the high railway embankment by Louhela station. This made planning difficult but it also encouraged the architect to make the most of the site in the layout of the church.

The narrow and long group of buildings is placed as close as possible to the railway line forming a wall that rises gradually towards the bell-tower which dominates over the railway station in the townscape. Motor traffic and parking is between the line and the wall leaving all disturbances caused by traffic on the railway side.

The main rooms of the building grow out of the wall-like structure but are open on the other side, facing a park. This solution has left the park untouched and whole. All major entrances are on the side of the park. The sanctuary is entered through low and shadowed winding hallways. This enhances the effect of light and height in the church.

The main aim of the layout was to create interaction between the small and the large, the low and the high, shade and light, and a shifting, vibrating veil of light. The effect varies with the rhythm of days and seasons.

Special arrangements have been made to deflect the natural light coming through the windows. Most of the light is indirect, softly reflected from the walls which seem to shine with a light of their own.

The sculptural effect of the room is enhanced by the wooden panelling on walls and ceiling which also serves acoustical purposes and hides cabling and air conditioning ducts.

The 36 register organ was built in Finland by organ builders at Kangasala. Experts have praised the quality of the organ. It is at present the largest organ made in Finland in the tradition of North German Baroque.

The organ is also used for concerts. In the winter season there is a church concert at Myyrmäki Church every second Sunday evening. Just before Christmas there is a Music Festival Week.

The Myyrmäki Church is open to visitors during parish office hours and on week-ends during services. Visits should be arranged with the parish office.